Percussion Preliminary Audition

Students auditioning for the percussion section of the Longhorn Band must complete a preliminary audition by submitting a video online. Please record yourself performing all the audition material. We prefer that your audition video be either one continuous video, or if filmed in multiple takes, edited together as one long video.

Deadline: August 14, 2020

If you do not have access to an instrument for this video audition, please notate that on your Prospective Member Audition Form and also let our office staff know by emailing them at

Your preliminary audition consists of two things:

1. Audition Video
Mark time to all excerpts with feet clearly visible in the video and with an audible metronome.

Click here to download the Longhorn Band Preliminary Audition Packet

– 8-8-16 @ 120bpm & 152bpm , both at 12in/forte

– Gigue @ 144bpm 12in/forte
– Pressure Jam, as written
– Flams, as written (for cymbals, record yourself doing basic flips/visuals you may already know)
2. Summer Clinic
All new and returning members are required to attend one of two clinics offered during the summer. This will either be in person or a virtual clinic, depending on the Covid-19 situation.
During Band Week you will audition in person with marching and playing exercises specified at a later date.
When you are ready to submit your video audition, please send a link (not Private if on YouTube, select Unlisted) to your video with your name and EID to
This will complete the submission of your preliminary audition, and you can expect to hear from our office via email as soon as the audition has been reviewed.

Any Questions?

Chances of making LHB

Each year the Longhorn Band is comprised of approximately 380 band members. Both returning and prospective new band members must audition for the band every year, so your chances of becoming a member of the Longhorn Band are in large measure decided by your positive attitude and your willingness to work hard!

Time Commitment

During the fall semester, the Longhorn Band rehearses three times each week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30-8:30 PM for a total of six hours, and and meets five hours on Saturday before kickoff. During the spring semester, band members perform in either a concert band or a jazz ensemble that meets twice a week for a total of three hours. Most members find that the time commitment is not nearly as demanding as their high school marching band!

Academic Credit

The Longhorn Band is a 1 credit hour ensemble course in the Butler School of Music. Register during orientation or the first week of classes.

Cost of membership

Minimal! We are fortunate to receive generous support from The University that covers all of our major expenses during the season. Band members are provided with uniforms, large instruments, and music. Through the band, members will purchase a set of Nike travel and rehearsal attire that is theirs to keep.


Beginning in your second year in the Longhorn Band, you will be eligible to apply for more than $150,000 in scholarship funds offered annually by the Longhorn Alumni Band, the Butler School of Music, and the Texas Exes. Incoming students who plan to major in music are also encouraged to audition for a Butler School of Music scholarship.


The entire Longhorn Band travels to in-state football games and sends a smaller travel band to most out-of-state games. When the football team is selected for post-season bowl participation, the Longhorn Band will also travel to that bowl!

If you have immediate questions, contact us at